Ekol Food combines cuisines with the quality of foreign brands. With almost 1500 products from 22 countries, 42 sub-dealers in addition those in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Bursa, Adana, and 4 separate warehouses with a capacity of 12 thousand pallets, it serves valued customers in 81 cities and in Cyprus with its subsidiary company. Ekol food founded in 2003, by Önder Bilen in a 24 m2 in Perpa currently continues to serve our valued clients in 3000 m2 indoor area, 2.500 M2 outdoor area, logistics vehicles of 3 regimes under -18 and +4 temperatures, with an experienced and professional team who have the capacity to transport dry food. Ekol Food, which has developed over the years with its products, warehouses, organization and business perspective changing with its vision, has become one of the leading companies in the sector that those interested in gastronomy know very closely. Ekol Food, which is arguably one of the largest companies in the field of specific food and offers its imported high-quality products to the taste of Turkish and foreign chefs, leaving its mark in almost every kitchen, offers its customers innovations around the world.

There are many product items such as cheeses, spices, rice, preserves, pastas, vinegars, sauces, pickles, mushrooms in our Ekol Food company. There are products that can be used in any type of kitchen, from Mexican to Japanese cuisine, as well as accessories and catering supplies imported from France. Ekol Food closely follows the developments in world cuisine. In this sense, we regularly visit manufacturers at foreign exhibitions and receive detailed information about new products.

With its office located in Italy, the company is also able to respond to innovations quite quickly. Thanks to the Ekol Culinary Center affiliated to the company, it offers new products to the taste of foreign chefs and customers, as well as supports young cooks by providing product trainings