It is a kind of pasta dish prepared by the method of forming moist semolina wheat into balls and coating them with wheat flour. The balls will have a diameter of about one mm before cooking. Balls in the Levantine style, which is also common in Israel, is thicker, it is made of hard wheat instead of semolina. Couscous is prepared by pouring a mixture of milk and water on the semolina little by little. In the meantime, this mixture is sprinkled with flour. The resulting lumps are passed through a sieve, sprinkled on a clean cloth and left to dry. Couscous prepared in this way is traditionally cooked for a long time in steam. But in order to save time in everyday life, couscous is widely used, which is prepared from more processed wheat, cooked quickly. Couscous is usually served with a vegetable or meat stew. But it can also be eaten plain, hot or cold, as a dessert or appetizer.