It is a moldy cheese of Italian origin, made of cow milk. About a century ago, its production began in the
town of Gorgonzola, near Milan. It was registered in Italy in 1955, in the European Union in 1996 on
behalf of Italy. Nowadays it is produced mainly in Piedmont and Lombardy, located in northern Italy. A
unique penicillin bacterium is used. It has blue/gray veins and a salty taste that dissipates in the mouth.
It has a rather strong aroma. There are two basic types as Dolce (sweet/soft) and Piccante (hard
flavored). It is one of the basic ingredients of four cheese pizza. Origin: Italy – Gorgonzola. Source: Cow.
Fat: 50%. Ripening: 3 – 4 months. Grade: Semi-hard. Uses: Cheese plates, pizzas, soups, meat sauces,
pasta sauces, risotto, salads, pizzas.
It is sold in 1.5 kg packages.