Maasdam cheese is a Swiss-style Dutch cheese. It takes its name from the name of the town. It was
produced in late 1980 as an alternative to the Swiss Emmental. Although it is similar to Emmental,
Maasdam is softer because its humidity is higher. It is known for its holes called “eyes.” It ripens faster
than other Dutch cheeses. Again, like other Dutch Cheeses, it has an outer surface covered with wax. It is
a light cheese with a butter consistency and medium hardness. The crust, which is smooth and natural, is
polished and waxed from time to time. Place of Origin: Netherlands. Source: Cow. Fat: 45%. Ripening: 1 –
3 months. Grade: Semi-hard. Uses: Fondues, sandwiches, soups.
It is sold on average at 12 kg package.