It is a cheese produced in Bursa and its surroundings, which has a history of close to 250 years. It is a hard, fatty and salty cheese. It contains a lot of pores. Because it is pickled in salted water, it has a long shelf life among cheeses. It is especially often used in Susurluk Toast. Traditionally made with sheep milk, this cheese is now produced with a mixture of sheep, goat and cow milk. The fermented cheese is cut into pieces the size of rice grains and put on hold by pouring boiling water over it to form its own perforated surface. The pieces that fall to the bottom are formed by hand, hung with a cloth and filtered water, and then pickled by taking salt layers and barrels with water. Source: Sheep – Goat. Fat: 45%. Ripening: 3 months. Grade: Semi-hard. Uses: Breakfast, pastries, cheese plates.