It originated in the Town of Edam, Netherlands. It is produced with cow milk and rarely with goat milk.
Edam cheese has a soft, slightly salty taste, which, in comparison with other cheeses, is almost odorless.
As Edam Cheese ages, it hardens and its aroma becomes sharper. As with almost all Dutch Cheeses, the
outside is covered with paraffin and/or wax. The fat content, which is 28%, is lower than other
traditional cheeses, so it is not a cheese that is very suitable for melting. It is one of the most popular and
widespread cheeses in the world. Source: Cow. Fat: 28%. Ripening: 1 – 10 months. Grade: Semi-hard.
Uses: Cheese plates, buffets, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, bakery products.
Varieties: Plain, Herbaceous (Type of Edam, seasoned with different spices. It has a strong aroma.),
Pepperoni (Type of Edam cheese, to which pieces of red hot pepper were added at the production stage.
It has a slightly bitter and sharp taste.)
It is sold on average at 1.9 kg package.