Philadelphia is much more than a cream cheese…

Known as the first cream cheese in the world, Philadelphia sets the standards with respect to flavor. The cheese received its name from Philadelphia, considered to be the home of the best quality food. The difference of Philadelphia from other cheeses is that researches continue by adopting the idea of “Great Taste Depends on Quality Milk.” Smooth and creamy Philadelphia cream cheese with a texture and the versatility does more than a simple cream cheese, a story of high standards, quality and freshness starting with a great product and comprised of passionate people who continue to find ways to make it better….

Great taste depends on quality milk, and therefore we support good agricultural practices and carry out our work in compliance with this business discipline. For this reason, we start from the fundamental part of the work first and take care of the cows and we believe that high quality milk production of is vital to convert milk into the most delicious Philadelphia cream cheese. Philadelphia is made with fresh milk obtained only from farms we trust located near our factories.

Philadelphia is produced with 100% milk. As soon as you taste Philadelphia, you can feel the intense taste and aroma and experience that happiness. Philadelphia is easy to whip up and shines like a star with every use; especially you can get great results with cheesecake. If you try San Sebastian cheesecake, you can achieve excellent taste with much better results. You will not believe the results with San Sebastian cheesecake and become addicted to this delicacy.