The adventure of the Woh Hup brand from Singapore..
In 1936, Chou Yeng Lan started to work as a small noodle house in Chinatown, and with his entrepreneurial efforts, he created the Woh Hup brand, having a successful global distribution network in more than 25 countries today.

Chou tried to create his own sauces for the noodles he produced. With the help of cooks and other local specialists, efforts were made to this new enterprise.
Important local restaurants soon welcomed the high-quality sauces that he produced. In the 1980s, Woh Hup became the largest oyster sauce manufacturing company in Singapore.

Woh Hup has built up a great reputation in the field of sauce production for markets in the UK, Australia, the Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore. With a renewed identity and continuing the philosophy he has adopted since its foundation, he has developed better quality food products for consumers worldwide and has become a comprehensive supply provider of Asian flavors.