Tongue cheese, which has quite a bit of salt in it, is not a long-lasting type of cheese. Although it bears a resemblance to çeçil cheese, it is a type of cheese that is more neutral in taste and has less salt content. It can also be used in making künefe. After separating the curd, the cheese, which is pulled with a knife or meat grinder, is brought to the appropriate consistency by hot boiling, and then cooled by taking the desired size of tongue molds. It is produced in many regions, especially in Kars and Erzurum. Due to its fibrous and easily soluble structure, it is also often used for breakfasts with its neutral taste, which also has the flavor of fresh milk. Place of origin: Kars, Erzurum. Source: Cow. Fat: 40%. Ripening: Fresh
cheese. Grade: Semi-soft. Uses: Breakfast, melting operations, pastries, cheese plates.