Tortellini’s unique flavor is made by using 3 Italian cheeses on an egg dough sheet. Delicious Swiss Emmenthal, Grana Padano and soft Ricotta cheeses are wrapped in egg pasta dough. The rich mortar of the product dough and the types of cheese used increase the taste of the product. Pasta, due to their
fast preparation, rushes to your aid in case of urgent need for food. On the other hand, Tortellini offers much more than pasta. It is prepared quickly and offers a rich taste due to the delicious combination it contains. It is also popularly called “vegetarian ravioli” because of its resemblance to ravioli. Pagani Tortellini is made with observance of traditional methods, it is recommended to use broths. You will not get enough of the Tortellini flavor with the special sauces containing olive fat, garlic, tomatoes that you will prepare. The unique taste of tortellini is also in harmony with cream or pesto sauce